LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms

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LOGIX insulated concrete forms make an interlocking wall system that's not only long-lasting, but also quick to build, soundproof and energy efficient.

Engineered for superior performance, walls made with LOGIX offer a 3-hour fire resistance rating (as opposed to a 15-minute rating of a wood-frame structure), better insulation, quick delivery and installation. Plus, it's easy to find a contractor with expertise in LOGIX installation.

LOGIX wall systems are:

Logix Forms

Highly energy efficient. The foam in LOGIX walls provides an exceptionally high thermal resistance rating of R-24. Neopor® foam can also be used for applications where more insulation with less bulk is needed. It offers an R-27 rating for the same thickness of foam.

Strong and safe. LOGIX buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed structures and can better withstand severe weather and fire.

Quiet. LOGIX walls can easily achieve a sound transmission classification of STC 50, twice as high as a wood-framed wall.

Moisture resistant. LOGIX walls don't need an extra vapour barrier, so spaces stay dry and mildew free.

Green. Buildings made with LOGIX are designed to last for centuries, not decades. They conserve precious natural resources, and their energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption.

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