Wine packaging

The better way to ship bottles

Keeping bottles in one piece is what keeps you in business. When it comes to getting your products there safely, corrugated packaging simply doesn't cut it.

Protect your fragile cargo with Form Solutions Bottle Shipper packaging, and it will get to its destination with no breakage, no damage, and no hassles. Made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) using a proprietary molding process, it offers a superior option for safe, cost-effective shipping.

Available in 2, 4, 6 and 12-bottle packs.

Strong and secure. Rigid and lightweight, the Bottle Shipper will never sag or deform. It's designed to keep your bottles safe - the EPS plastic absorbs vibrations and reduces bounce.

Water-resistant. Water doesn't affect the EPS. So if your package is exposed to a damp or humid packing or storage environment, it will never sag or collapse like cardboard. Plus, it's odour-resistant, too.

Easy to use. With only two components (a top and a bottom), and one way to insert bottles, loading the Bottle Shipper couldn't be simpler.

Customizable. For unique shapes, the Bottle Shipper can easily be molded to precisely match the shape of your cargo.

It's a remarkably green option. It provides maximum strength and buffering with a minimum of raw materials. Plus, like all of our packaging, it contains no CFCs, is completely recyclable, and is Greenguard (link to indoor air quality certified.

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